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The Cougar Candidate

Five years after her humiliating re-election defeat, ex-governor Patty Pitypander is still sulking in her California mansion, bingeing on romance novels, and ogling her pool boy, when she receives urgent news: The Democrats, lacking a sensible candidate, need her to run for president to oust their Republican nemesis.

Making a political comeback won’t be easy. Patty’s billionaire husband protests that she’s mentally unfit, even delusional. She must also confront her rival’s dastardly attempts to smear her, a Russian plot to upend her campaign, and the most dangerous foe of all: her special fondness for young men.

When a naive 22-year-old reporter investigates a sex scandal in Patty’s past, he unintentionally ignites her desire. The closer he gets to unearthing her misdeeds, the more recklessly infatuated she becomes. But if Patty doesn’t put a stop to his digging soon, her quest for the White House will end in personal disgrace and national disaster.

Can the befuddled politician get a grip on her midlife fantasies and foil the young reporter before he destroys her? Find out in this lighthearted satire about a candidate torn by conflicting urges, grasping for both power and passion—as her nation’s future hangs in the balance.

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Richie's Reviews

“Meet a brash male President running for a second term and the fifty-something female former California governor who wants his job. There’s a cub reporter trying to prove himself covering her campaign and her imaginary sexy friend filling her head with useless advice. Worsley spins this silly political tale so smoothly that it borders on sarcasm. If you like to laugh this is a must-read.”

Natalie Freese, Author/Blogger

“I love Patty…the moment I started reading this I pictured Meryl Streep or a young Joan Rivers…a woman in control who has power and money and zero **** to give….Who better to run for president than a romance novel reading rich lady who ogles pool boys?…Worsley writes Patty and her lusty outlook PERFECTLY… The election and the political climate of late will make you find this novel delicious.”

Gary Aichele, Reviewer

“At first glance, The Cougar Candidate may seem an entertaining diversion. Upon closer inspection, however, Worsley’s writing reveals the kind of classic satiric brilliance that is becoming increasingly rare. Masquerading as a satirical farce, The Cougar Candidate is a sophisticated and serious critique of contemporary American politics well worth reading.”

Facebook Blogger

“I found this a very enjoyable read and would welcome a sequel. Though the characters are completely flawed and the anti-heroine Patty Pitypander is just that, you can’t help somehow rooting for her at times, as the author managed to make her funny, vulnerable and a scheming sleazy politician at the same time. Add to this her casino owning husband, a naive young reporter and the dodgy current president and you have a winning cast of characters.” 

Amazon Reviewer

After lampooning politically correct investing in Investing in Vain, Worsley does it again. The Cougar Candidate is a fast-paced, shameless satire of modern day politics. Thoroughly enjoyable. But pleasure comes with a warning: Worsley’s exquisite timing and incisive wit could make you bust a gut laughing.

Big Al, Blogger

Like all good satire this will get you thinking about real life, how out of touch many political leaders seem to be, and how we the people view them. I pondered on ways that the system works and ways that it doesn’t. Or you can ignore the serious subtext and just laugh. (Guaranteed to laugh, regardless.)”

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