Will Worsley

In February 2021, I published my second novel, The Cougar Candidate, a satire about a delusional female candidate for president who becomes madly infatuated with a young reporter snooping into her sex scandals. The story is entirely fictional, and despite the racy title there is not a word of erotica in it.

Last week we had the opportunity to sit down with California’s ex-governor Patty Pitypander, who took time from her very busy presidential campaign to tell us how she feels about a whole range of issues.

When I was putting the finishing touches on my first novel, Investing in Vain, it was a hard struggle to eliminate all the typos. Despite all the times I read through my manuscript, I invariably discovered a couple more errors on the next pass. I was an editor at a major publishing house once upon

Every author needs a website, to have a place to show his books and make a connection with his readers. I’m a do-it-yourselfer, so I decided to build my website myself. How hard could it be? My first impulse was to take the easy route to web mastery. I would design my website with one

If Tom Wolfe were alive to mock the current climate on college campuses, he would have written Campusland, Scott Johnston’s hilarious satire about an elite Northeastern university roiled by progressive ferment. At Devon University, which Johnston modeled on Yale, an English professor struggling to win tenure is first charged with racism for teaching the politically

When British author Mike Hogan set out to write his satirical novel about the American presidency, he couldn’t imagine that Donald Trump would actually win the 2016 election. He had to rewrite his book, even rename it. Alternative Facts is the story of Jack Gould, the ambitious Speaker of the House of Representatives who seeks